The Forty

What if . . . Ali Baba became the leader of the Forty Thieves?

What if . . . the Forty Thieves were time travelers?

What if . . . Ali Baba was not an innocent?

The Forty Cover


a reimagining of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

concept and photographs by Fox Gradin

stories by Kathryn Hinds and James Palmer

Ali Baba. Ah, there’s a name to conjure with! A legend, a mystery, both feared and admired; a man brimful of daring, cunning, and bravery . . . yet all his skill has been put to thievery—and not for any noble purpose, so far as any can discern, but all for his own gain. They say he is a scourge, a parasite, a plague on society, who cares for none but himself.

This is not entirely true.

Some thieves do care for themselves alone; some have only one other who matters to them—a beloved, or an aging parent; some may even have a handful of people, a family, whom they actually love (as near as they are able). But Ali Baba has not one or two or even half a dozen. Ali Baba has forty—the Forty! And yes, they are all thieves, too, but Ali Baba would do anything for them, and they for him.

You have probably heard some version of Ali Baba’s story. But did it ever occur to you that each of the Forty has a story, too? Of course, none of us can ever know the whole of another person’s story. Nevertheless, certain things can be known . . . or at least guessed at.


–from “Open Sesame”


The Forty is a limited-edition publication and can be ordered from Celestial Studios or purchased in person from Kathryn, Fox, or James.