Candle, Thread, and Flute

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Candle, Thread, and Flute is a collection of poetry from award-winning author Kathryn Hinds. The topics in this volume span the mythical and the mundane, paying homage to the gods of old and the creatures of the present.

Come and sit awhile with Persephone as she makes her way to the underworld. Join a mother daydreaming on Thanksgiving as she cares for her child. Take a journey to the edge of the sea and smell the salt spray as the tide rolls in.

These travels and more are awaiting on the pages within. Make yourself at home and allow the words to wash over you.




Oh, see my beautiful cloak,

my new red cloak—

how it blossoms roselike around me,

how my striding floats it behind me,

how in my stillness it spills

to my feet on the forest path.


Then with the hood pulled up

I am something else

in the deep, private dark:

a nameless babe in the womb,

or a silent, creeping, secret beast.


I throw my head back and howl—



But there is no more skipping on the way—

something is changing,

shadows sliding away from the path;

the trees are massing,

the breeze is low, sharp

pungent with the scent

of hidden life, animal,

from caves and holes.


I want to go into a cave.

I want to be swallowed whole.

To know what they know—

the devourers.


Here I am!

Here I am!