Songs of Sharhaya

Last year my husband released his CD Dance in the Fire, on which he included his wonderful setting of “The Mothers’ Land,” the final song from The Healer’s Choice. He’s now hard at work recording his next CD, and this morning he played me what he’s done so far with “Wine and Water,” another of the novel’s songs. It sounds so beautiful! I’m also really pleased with how well it stands on its own, apart from the book. However, if you have read or are reading The Healer’s Choice, “Wine and Water” is the song that Taras sings at the feast during the harvest-welcoming celebration:

Good neighbor, will you drink with me

For what has been and what will be,

For sorrow and for gaiety

That mix like wine and water?


Good neighbor, will you raise your glass?

For whatever comes to pass

Is ours to share, though griefs amass

And flow like wine and water.


Good neighbor, will you take in hand

Goblet, cup, or bowl, and stand

To drink your pledge to this kind land?

Raise up your wine and water.


Good neighbor, when my song is done,

Remember still the lesson sung:

Though all things change, Beyond they’re one,

And life is wine and water.