Book Birthday!

healerfcoverToday The Healer’s Choice was released into the world! It is now for sale on Amazon (paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions) and will very soon, I imagine, be available through other outlets. My publisher shipped me four hardcover copies, and when the UPS driver delivered them to me this afternoon, I was literally shaking with excitement. I have waited a long time to see this book in print; I may even have cried a little as I opened the box and pulled out the first copy. I am so grateful to Dark Oak Press for loving The Healer’s Choice as much as I do and working so hard to turn it into such a beautiful book!

Art, friendship, and faith

I had originally titled this post “Fan Art!” But this is not just about fan art. This is also–perhaps even more so–about friendship and about having faith in our talents and our work. At a certain point, I became completely discouraged that The Healer’s Choice would ever see the light of day. Although I had received a great deal of positive feedback on the novel from agents and publishers, no one I had submitted it to felt as though it was “right for us at this time.” I was ready to give up and stop trying to get the book published. And then my dear friend (and invaluable writing buddy) Maria gave me this piece of artwork (which the photo does not do justice to):


I was, of course, incredibly moved that she had taken the time and trouble to illustrate a scene from the novel (I cried when she gave me the picture). More than that, it made the book real to me again, and got me sending it back out to publishers. And now, here I am with The Healer’s Choice just a day or so away from publication. Thank you, Maria, and everyone else who has helped me keep my dream alive!